Visual Show How

Forget knowledge silos, dusty binders, and the Sharepoint server. Help coworkers document and share knowledge with pictures, videos, and documents in one spot. With visual show how you can make documentation a dream.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Videos, pictures, and documents teach workers how to do tasks better, faster, and more reliably in HowFactory.

Visual work instructions cross language barriers for non-English speakers

Lengthy text is hard to understand - visuals are instantly clear

Video demonstrates proper movement - from lifting heavy objects to showing rotation

A picture is worth a thousand words!

HowFactory Picture Annotation

Details, Details, Details

Highlight key details on images, like individual screws or special components, with HowFactory’s simply powerful image editor. It will guarantee that your instructions are exceptionally precise.

Draw attention to small details with arrows or other visual cues, right in the software

Edit pictures fast - no need to modify images in costly, complicated outside software

Find Documentation Fast

Good documentation is only useful if your team can find it. HowFactory is an easy-to-remember place: “How do I do this?” “HowFactory it.”

Simple grid navigation means users can confidently click, scroll, and tap through content, regardless of tech skills

Filter content by departments, roles, and collections

Search that is powerful and easy to understand

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