Team Input

Connect with your team. HowFactory allows your experts on the floor to provide descriptive comments with image attachments. This allows your content to become defectless for your veteran team members and new ones to come.

Team Comments

Creating great content comes with refinement. What better help than the experts using it everyday? Give your team ownership of documentation to give valuable input and ask clarifying questions with attached images and videos.

Empower employees and let them take ownership of the process

Know your content is as concise as possible

HowFactory Team Commenting

Collaborate with your team

The experts on the team can have the most beneficial input for your processes. Give them authorization to make direct edits or even create an entire process from scratch.

Dig into the knowledge of those with hands-on experience

Give specific team members permission to interact with content

Empower the insights of your team with the edge to approve all publication changes

Join forces with Approval Workflows

Don't stress about bad info getting out. Workflows allow you to set exactly how processes are approved. Customized team by team, digital signatures follow the process through each stage of a workflow until it goes live.

Choose individuals or groups to approve

Create comments and edits through each stage

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