Shareable Content

No one wants to create documentation, but it has to be done. With HowFactory, vendors can publish or endorse pre-loaded content that gives customers all of the content they need, when they need it, instead of endless calls and emails tracking down information.

Shareable Procedures

Utilize the ability to share with your customers and boost customer confidence. Give your customers interactive processes that are easy to follow so mistakes are something of the past. Reducing support costs from training in person.

Keep your procedures private or share them with others

Create two-way communication between product users and product producers

HowFactory Vendors
HowFactory Vendor Processes

Annotate Vendor Procedures

Search through shared vendor documentations for procedures to revise and make your own. Processes shouldn’t be recreated over and over - find previously made ones and leave them as they are or edit them to your needs.

Preview entire processes before adding it to your list

Erase the hassle of creating every guide from scratch

Edit every piece of a shared guide to make it your own

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