Quiz Knowledge

Quiz your team’s knowledge by adding quizzes throughout procedures or individually on their own. Choose from multiple question layouts and add videos and photos when necessary. Assign the quiz to your team and view results with ease.

Quiz Creation

Creation is broad in choices with a simple layout to maximize all there is to offer. Create multiple choice questions with an image or video laid next to the question or make your answers all images. Diverse features can make your quiz open book with answer checking on each question or closed with random question order.

Multiple question layouts for any type of question

Add images and videos to questions

Make an entire documentation a quiz or enter quizzes next to training material

HowFactory Quiz Builder Creation
HowFactory Assignment

Assign Team Members

Assign quizzes the same way procedures are assigned. Assign to individual people, departments, or roles. When a quiz is coming up, due or overdue HowFactory will let the user know.

Assign to people, departments, &/or roles

Assigning allows the user know when they have quizzes coming up, due or overdue

Clear Results

Results can be found by person or quiz. See averages, overall results, or look deep into an individual’s.

Simple graphs allow easy visibility on an individual user or everyone’s overall results

Simple layout allows you to easily scroll through results or look deep into an individuals

HowFactory Quiz Results
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