Mobile On The Go

Bring HowFactory with you wherever your job may be. Our app stays synced so you have the latest updates with you at all times. We developed with portability in mind to empower your team on the floor or in the field.

Knowledge on Demand

Having access to your documentation at all times is a necessity. HowFactory allows you to access your content from a mobile tablet even while you’re out on the field. And don’t worry about being behind, synced updates continue automatically giving you the latest know-how at all times.

Modifications are instantly available with an alert showing a change occurred, so changes aren’t overlooked

Bring up documentation at work or while out in the field

Mobile Creation

Creating processes going back and forth with a camera on the floor to your computer in your office is a hassle. HowFactory allows you to take your mobile device out onto the floor or even with you on your service call. Easily take pictures and videos and insert them into our app.

Create documentation anywhere, even out in the field

Upload photos remotely and erase trips from the floor to your desk with assets

Edit, revise, and improve documentation instantly

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