A Cinch to Manage

Take control of your procedures by having them all in one location. HowFactory lets you create, revise, and distribute documentation all in one place letting your company grow with ease.

Simple to Create

You shouldn’t be restricted to your desk when it comes to creating content. Good document creation comes from the floor where the action takes place. Carry around your phone or tablet and take pictures and videos on the go and simply enter them into the app.

Enjoy the freedom of a mobile workstation

Create content in the office or out in the field


Simple to Update

Modifying content is part of process creation, but it has never been easy to do. HowFactory makes it simple for you to go in and make edits to your content. Once your done it automatically sends out the updates to your entire team with an alert so nobody is ever behind.

Never waste time viewing old know-how

Update all of your documentation from a single location

Know everyone has the most recent information

Manage with Groups

Manage your team by creating groups. Easily create groups by adding individuals or other groups. Various permissions give you the ability to determine who can create, edit, assign, and approve.

Manage who can create, edit, assign, and approve

Assigning is easy as groups are connected to processes

Filter with Approval Workflows

Don't stress about bad info getting out. Workflows allow you to set exactly how processes are approved. Customized team by team, digital signatures follow the process through each stage of a workflow until it goes live.

Choose individuals or groups to approve

Create comments and edits through each stage

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