Better Training. Better Decision Making. Measurable Results.

From helping you build custom training programs to providing your team with critical on-the-job instructions. HowFactory makes knowledge sharing simple.

Take control of training

How is your team learning? Knowing what information is being presented and understood can help you build a highly functioning organization.

• Accelerate on-boarding and new information comprehension with custom built learning programs

• Keep everyone on pace with administrator set course open and close dates

Simplify decision making

In order to make the right choice every time, your team needs vital input from you.

• Create step-by-step instructions with clarity using text, videos, images, and critical documents

• Simplify information navigation with built in search functionality on a system and individual process level

"I have been involved in work instructions, and process documentations for six years and HowFactory really understands the problems we face in the manufacturing environment."
Jacob Kubik
Accelerated Cooking Products

Collaborate to improve

No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. When team members are allowed to input their expertise, instructional quality improves immensely.

• Minimize the need for one-on-one downtime to share critical data

• Rest assured that information gaps are being overcome quickly through expert chats and updated data entry

Update on the go

When a problem arises you want it fixed it now, not later. HowFactory is there for you wherever you go.

• Create and update critical information in the office, on the work floor, or out in the field

• Downloadable content allows you to take critical content with you even when connectivity is questionable

"I check the app 1-2 times per day during my free time, simply to see what's new. I love the tech tips...they provide me with insight to complete my job more efficiently."
Mobile Service Technician

Create custom reports

Monitoring performance isn’t a one-size-fits-all task.

• With custom reports for training, content consumption, and system use you’re in the driver’s seat for success

• Easily prove and share your findings with downloadable reports

Better Data. Better Decisions.