Mobile & Field Service


HowFactory helps your service techs get the job done the first time out!

Field service technicians are the backbone for keeping equipment in service. On the jobsite they need the right information... service manuals, tech tips, even seldom used procedures. Without it frustration sets in and they can’t do their job.

HowFactory for Mobile Techs solves this challenge and transforms your service team by capturing and distributing know-how. The web app makes it simple to create, update, and collaborate turning know-how into show-how giving you a competitive advantage that improves customer satisfaction and service tech utilization.

Minimize waste and reduce frustration for service techs and customers

HowFactory for Mobile Techs travels wherever the work is. Mobile techs can access up-to-date product knowledge from anywhere. HowFactory promotes self-serve as a best practice that; keeps them working instead of waiting for a response, keeps the support lines available for elevated calls and keeps the customer confident your tech is in control.

HowFactory for Mobile Tech:

Reinforces consistency in how work gets done

Improves customer satisfaction and retention

Minimizes deploying more help and multiple job site visits

Maximize your team's effort with on-demand knowledge sharing

Every great team has an “Obi Wan Kenobi” or two that possess great wisdom and experience. With HowFactory, your entire team can have Obi Wan riding shotgun. Anyone can comment on a process or create a new knowledge document in seconds that includes images, videos, and PDFs so the whole team can be “in the know”.

HowFactory for Mobile Techs:

Generates a powerful interactive mobile tech ecosystem

Gives experts in the field the ability to create and revise

Maximizes your team’s effort to meet customer needs

Manage the learning curve, build a great team and get results

As a service manager, it's your job to make sure they have everything service techs need to do theirs… to keep the wrenches turning and meeting customer demands. We’ll help you take charge so you can manage for great results!

HowFactory for Mobile Techs:

Provides valuable insight from your team as they learn

Gives experts in the field the flexibility to help others

Raises the bar on what your team can achieve together

What You Gain

Service Techs

  • On-demand service training
  • Visualize application know-how
  • Always up-to-date documents
  • Knowledge at your fingertips

Service Leaders

  • One shared knowledge platform
  • Crowd sourced development
  • Control ‘need to know’ releases
  • Customize training tracks


  • One platform for service training
  • Visibly communicating know-how
  • Empowered learning ecosystem
  • Manage, measure and get results

Want to be in the know?