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HowFactory helps you turn leads into sales!

As a sales leader, how do you know why sales are lost? Is everyone always up to speed on your products, competition and market? Is that flood of tip sheets actually working? You need to accelerate and scale the Learning Curve. So your team can know what they need to know, when they need to know it.

HowFactory for Sales Teams is the online platform that does work! Transforming know-how into show-how it breaks down learning barriers to build up sales associates. The web app makes it simple to create, update, and collaborate on visual training from a shared knowledge base. HowFactory for Sales Teams is your answer!

Prepare for sales calls with “how-to’s” and what if scenarios”

The more they know “top of mind - ready to share” the more they’ll sell the right solution that fits the customer's need. But “top of mind” is fleeting when the training was 6 months ago. Becoming an EXPERT on ever changing product lines… may take years. Here’s how to solve that challenge.

HowFactory for Sales Teams let’s you:

Include pictures, videos, reference documents, and more

Self-serve learning needs aligned with each sales call

Gain valuable insight from your team when they prepare

Crowd source creation and distribute tools in minutes

Because HowFactory for Sales teams was created with the user in mind, it’s a cinch to create knowledge documents. Our simple template erases confusion and easily brings your product knowledge documents to life. And because it’s mobile, you can engage anyone in the field to contribute to everyone's’ success.

HowFactory for Sales Teams:

Gives experts in the field the ability to create and revise

Provides mobile apps to create knowledge documents from anywhere

Utilizes administrative approval to ensure document control

Manage, Measure... Get Better

As sales leaders, you know the importance of Product Knowledge in sales, but knowing does not always mean having the tool you need to get the job done. As of today you no longer have that excuse. More than access to sales training HowFactory for Sales Teams will assess your team’s knowledge by adding quizzes embedded in product information or that stand alone. And when new information comes out, you can push that info to your team and verify if they viewed it.

Empower your team with a knowledge sharing platform

Maximize the learning experience visibly communicating know-how

Customize training, track progress and take action to the results you want

What You Gain

Sales Reps

  • Knowledge at your fingertips
  • On-demand sales training
  • Source product knowledge
  • Access by wireless anywhere

Sales Leaders

  • Build “top-of-mind” awareness
  • Crowd sourced creation
  • Customize training tracks
  • Data driven decision-making


  • One platform for service training
  • Visibly communicating know-how
  • Empowered learning ecosystem
  • Manage, measure and get results

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