Equipment Service & Support


World class training & support for your customers, with HowFactory!

HowFactory for Product & Equipment Support delivers critical know-how to customers, so they have confidence you can meet their training & support needs, before, during, and after the sale.

The goal of your support program should be to increase Overall Equipment Efficiency… and keep the light turned green. To do that, your customers need to be able to access essential information about the equipment they've purchased.

Minimize waste and reduce frustration for customers and service techs

HowFactory for Product & Equipment Support travels wherever know-how is needed. HowFactory promotes self-serve as a best practice that; keeps them working instead of waiting, keeps the support lines available for elevated calls and keeps the customer confident your tech is in control.

Howfactory for Product & Equipment Support:

Reinforces consistency in how work gets done

Improves customer satisfaction and retention

Supplements current training programs with on-demand knowledge

Crowd source creation and distribute tools in minutes

Because HowFactory was created with the user in mind, it’s a cinch to create and access knowledge documents. Our simple template erases confusion and easily brings your product training to life. And because it’s mobile, you can engage anyone in the field to contribute to everyone's’ success.

HowFactory for Product & Equipment Support:

Gives experts in the field the ability to contribute with comments & drafts

Provides mobile & customer access from your own website

Utilizes administrative approval to ensure document control

Sharing, Managing, Learning and Protecting your IP

Today, sales and support go hand in hand. As a support manager, it's your job to make sure customers have everything they need to do theirs. Thanks to HowFactory’s "feedback loop" your customers comments will generate actions that keep them in the know.

HowFactory for Product & Equipment Support:

Provides valuable insight from your customer and team as they learn

Proves to your customers that you are listening

Makes managing your IP and knowledge docs a snap

What You Gain

Your Customers

  • Always “on” customer support
  • Mobile ‘need to know’ info
  • Access to approved content
  • Searchable multimedia know-how

Service Techs

  • On-demand service training
  • Conditional logic interaction
  • Always up-to-date documents
  • Knowledge at your fingertips

Service Leaders

  • Crowd sourced development
  • Control ‘need to know’ releases
  • Customize training tracks
  • Manage, measure and get results

Want to be in the know?