HowFactory Careers

Title: Blog Writer/SEO Intern
Location: Waterloo, IA (or remote option)
Type: Contract based on written deliverables

Hiya, charming! Nice to meet you. You’re a writer? You do content strategy? Strap in kiddo, we’d like to invite you to our rollercoaster ride:

HowFactory is looking for a capable learner/creator who is interested in telling compelling stories. You care about words and have plenty of marketing hustle. You are highly self-sufficient, can accept constructive critique, and deliver content on-deadline, everytime. Terms like SEO/SEM don’t scare you, and perhaps you’ve worked in Google Analytics or Adwords before. Perhaps you’re in love with the maker movement, or maybe you just like to explain stuff. Either way, you know you have the magic to make process engineering, manufacturing, and the grind of startup life actually sound like it really is: Powerful. Creative. Fascinating.

We seek a content strategist to deliver two finished blog posts a week. This position isn’t hourly, but pays based on delivery. You’ll join our fast-moving and nimble startup that is always iterating improvements to our software, our marketing, and our operations. Direction will be limited, but ideas, support, and feedback on what you produce won’t be. You can work with us in our Waterloo office, or wherever you like. Startup life is dynamic, and everything is liable to change – so you’ll need to be flexible. We also have a non-traditional hiring process: To apply, tell us who you are, what you do, and how you can help us grow. Creativity encouraged!

Compensation is depended on knowledge.

Title: Process Documentation Intern
Location: Waterloo, IA
Type: Part Time, 10-15 hours/week

Hello! You look detail-oriented. Dependable. Like a problem solver. We have work for you. HowFactory seeks a detail-oriented technician to document processes in manufacturing settings. You are precise, technical, extremely reliable, and have an inquiring mind. You aren’t afraid to ask questions in order to find how something works, and you have a knack for explaining things. Perhaps you love machines, grease, and gears; perhaps you’re an engineering student. You’re not shy around computers/tablets/smartphones, and love to make suggestions on how to improve things.

This position will involve working in manufacturing settings in the Cedar Valley. You will be documenting how things work into the continually-improving HowFactory online platform. You will work next to manufacturing engineers, line workers, and HowFactory staff. Must be able to stand, lift, and focus on details for long periods of time. Must also have dependable transportation around the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.

HowFactory is a software startup and we pride ourselves on our non-traditional application process. To To apply, tell us who you are, what you do, and how you can help us grow. Resumes and cover letters work, too, if that’s comfortable for you.

Compensation is depended on knowledge.

Title: Front End Developer
Location: Waterloo, IA (or remote option)
Type: Full Time

Dynamic, funded, non-traditional startup seeks in-person (or remote) web developer.

HowFactory cares about how you work, because our product is all about un-sucking work. We are a scrappy, dynamic, a-typical startup that makes software to better capture, use, and collaborate on work instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our initial market is industrial manufacturing - awesome machines, cool products, interesting factories, and down-to-earth people. Think Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs, How It’s Made, and Prototype This. Also think of an absolutely massive market that’s begging to pay for awesome, modern software.

Our distributed team needs another nerd serious about building and delivering. We are looking for a front-end developer totally facile with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the latest web technologies to take us beyond our MVP. This isn’t a junior developer role - you’ll work directly with our seasoned CTO, talented graphic/UI designer, and mature industry experts to shape and execute a clean, elegant, and powerful product. In addition to leading via rapid technical execution, you’ll be involved in product development from the ground floor up. You will work on a bit of everything tech, from platform choice to client acceptance, testing and debugging and beyond. You’ll likely help hand-pick a future team of unicorns and ninjas. This is going to be rad.

You must be proficient in and have work samples showcasing mad skills in:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive web design techniques
  • Writing standards-compliant code from scratch that others can read/use
  • Solving the problem first, THEN writing the code
  • Proactive and clear communication with a wide variety of techies and techno-weenies
  • An ability to learn fast with a team

You must also:

  • Live within a 6-hour drive of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or relocate to the Midwest before employment
  • Be willing to travel occasionally to client meetings, tradeshows, and company retreats

We’d love if you have experience with:

  • Ruby on Rails, Angular, or another contemporary framework for Web dev
  • Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform
  • Mobile development, including native apps
  • Navigating API integrations
  • Source code management/version control tools like GitHub and BitBucket
  • Agile work environments
  • Startup life

Our culture

We’re gritty, real people who have dedicated our lives to solving problems that matter. Folks at HowFactory are excellent fellow human beings who can do things other than build and sell software - like build houses, go on a raucous camping trips (with or without kids), skydive, enjoy damn good food, or recommend the most awesome song you’ve ever heard. No reason we can’t go to the trampoline park on a Tuesday afternoon or retreat for a sprint and talk data models while we go ocean fishing in Florida. We are a distributed team mostly spread across Iowa’s rapidly ascending Creative Corridor. We work in an entirely Agile manner, borrowing tools from Scrum, XP, and beyond. We are dedicated to continuous delivery and outstanding service. We’re flexible, hardworking, straight-talking folks with and a rockin’ network of startup and tech mentors.

Our company

HowFactory is a 2014 graduate from the Iowa Startup Accelerator - see our launch day video. Our headquarters are in Waterloo, IA, but we also have staff in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. We work together online (and in person when possible). We have an established runway, solid funding, traction, and a proven leadership team. Learn more about us at