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HowFactory Software Update: September 26, 2016
Features: Release of HowFactory beta for Android. Release of HowFactory beta version for iOS (Just viewing portion, creation coming soon.)
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The Bus Test: How Employee Turnover Impacts Your Core Business Activities
Acing the Bus Test By Kenny Stevenson Yesterday, I was driving along Main Street on my way to the office
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Got Wood? HowFactory goes Virtual at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA
We welcome you to join us for a cutting-edge virtual reality demonstration at the 2016 International Woodworking Fair at booth
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Does SharePoint Improve Sharing?
“Simple is one thing SharePoint definitely is not. . . SharePoint can be just plain hard to use.”  – Redmondmag At
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HowFactory Tweaks and Improvements: December 23rd, 2015
As we work hard to get the quiz builder up and running, we continue to take the extra time to
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HowFactory Software Update: December 8th, 2015
This update launches a big improvement to our app – the media carousel. This sweet upgrade takes away the need
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The HowNow for October 6, 2015: The Next Generation of Manufacturing Leaders
Last Friday was Manufacturing Day, 2015! A few highlights for this week’s HowNow that showcase great things happening across the
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Manufacturing Day 2015 – Modern Technology & Need for Skilled Workers
Manufacturing Day is tomorrow, and manufacturers all over the world couldn’t be more thrilled! The day is centered around modern
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The HowNow 9/29/15: Workplace Safety!
This week, The HowNow focuses on workplace safety. As the HowFactory team talk to more and more clients facing safety
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Honoring Makers – The Things We Make, Make Us
There’s nothing quite like touring a factory. Seeing the sparks fly, watching the robots dance, marveling at the speed with
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The HowNow 9/22/15: Farm SOPs, Manufacturing Renaissance, and 3D Printing on Mars
The HowNow is out for the week ending September 22, 2015: Even farms need need Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), CEOs
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How to Create Great Work Instructions
Every company thrives when workers know how to do their jobs and do them well every time. In manufacturing, there
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