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How To Master Continuous Improvement
Invest in a Knowledge-management System I know, lacking in suspense, right? I agree, but for a purpose. I wanted to
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How Can I Improve Sales? Start with SOPs
Ever had a dream where you were taking a test that you didn’t study for? All of a sudden all
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How Do I Improve Training Effectiveness?
Constant connectivity has become a societal norm for the majority of Americans. This means that every hour of every day,
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Tip of the day: Reasons to Not Tackle Processes
Ignoring Process Needs Working with hundreds of organizations over the years, we’ve discovered a few common excuses for not documenting
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Tip of the Day: Attack the Hill
Tackle Big Tasks by Understanding the ROI Handling large tasks creates frustration. In the face of this frustration, there is
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Tip of the Day: Why Document Processes
Why do I Need a ‘Why’? Documenting processes is a tall order for anyone. Figuring out where to start, how to
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Tip of the Day: The Bus Test
What Happens When Your Team Loses a Critical Player? HowFactory founder and CEO, Trace Steffen, explains the bus test. Designed
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3 Considerations for Process Planning
Getting Started with Process Planning Working with numerous organizations across the United States, we’ve had many conversations about process planning.
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Building Value Through Clear Messaging
The standard procedures of any company are like road maps for their employees: it tells them how to get to
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HowFactory Software Update: April 28, 2017
Collections Having easy to find processes is half the battle. Now with collections you can group related processes together all
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Best Practices and the Continuous Improvement Cycle
How does process documentation of best practices fit into your continuous improvement cycle? We recently asked the same question, and found
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Why Aren’t We Documenting Our Processes and Procedures? 4 Common Reasons
Gaining control over company processes and procedures through documentation is incredibly powerful. Standardized operating instructions remove the chaos. I could
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